sound absorbing ideas for design acoustic panels

Our Extensive Range of Acoustic Treatment Services

We have all been in a big room where the echo was unbearable.
A common characteristic of these rooms is hard walls, ceilings and sometimes even floors; all the surfaces reflect noise, they don’t absorb it.

For larger rooms with high ceilings, acoustical baffles are a great solution for echo problems.
Sound waves bounce all over the place, and the sound baffles will absorb a lot of it.

When we cut down on the echo, the room will be far more comfortable to be in.

We can help you determine the right number of baffles, where they should go, and how to install them; give us a call to get started!

Not One-Size-Fits-All, you are not average; your acoustical panels shouldn’t be either.

We make your fabric wrapped panels the right size for your specific project.
If your wall is 12’ 10” long you don’t want three 4-foot panels and one that must be cut down to 10”, right?

We will provide 4 equal panels at 38 ½” wide- perfect! You provide us with the dimensions of your space, we do the rest.
You need a soundproofing consultant to ensure that what you buy will work, the first time; that’s us.

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