Acoustic Panel for Sound Absorption Customizable


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Maximum Performance:
Our sound absorption panels are constructed with a high-density (6 PCF) fiberglass core, and wrapped in acoustically- transparent fabric. This high-density core offers excellent absorption for your most demanding treatment applications.
More Colors:
We offer our panels in a huge variety of colors to match your specification and imagination
More sizes:
These panels are available in loads of shapes and sizes. We specialize in custom sizes as well.
Multiple thicknesses:
Our panels are available in multiple thicknesses for your unique treatment needs. The most popular are ranging from 1-2 inches:
• 1″ inch panels are an ideal for residential and light commercial applications.
• 2″ thick acoustic panels are optimal for heavy commercial spaces such as large gathering areas, music venues, restaurants and open office perimeters.
• A 2 inch thickness will also help you achieve maximum absorption per square foot of space.. SONIC
Multiple mounting options:
We offer two different mounting options, tailored to your application. Impaling clips: Suitable for wall-mount applications. Easy to install and included with your order, by default.
• RotofastTM Snap-On anchors: This mounting option is suited for both wall and ceiling direct- mount applications. This option also does not require adhesive.
Safety and peace of mind:
These panels are Class A fire rated (the highest rating possible) for use in indoor applications. Proudly made in the USA.
1″ (85 NRC)
2″ (1.15 NRC)
Core Density
Flammability Rating
Manufacturing Tolerance.
Architectural Product Reference
Fabric Material

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