Features That Make Our Custom Acoustic Panels Special

How Sound Baffles Work

Adding products that will absorb noise will change the acoustics, provided you add enough of them to make a noticeable difference. We will ask you to provide the room dimensions, and the type of floors/walls/ceilings you have now. With that simple information, we can use our special software to determine how much sound absorbing material is required. All our sound absorbing products have been lab-tested to determine how many units of absorbing (sabins) they will provide. When we know how many sabins the room needs, we can quickly determine the type and quantity of product you need. We will explain the installation, choice of colors, and the look of the products before finalizing the choice.

Acoustical Clouds are very popular in restaurants and bars; many times, we use black clouds that will blend in with the ceiling and are barely noticeable. Other popular projects are industrial looking buildings, with very high ceilings, and offices where echo reduction is needed but walls can’t be covered. Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels will greatly improve the acoustics in any environment. We manufacture each acoustical panel to fit your particular project; you select the color and fabric of your choice, we will provide analysis of your space and determine the number of panels required and best locations. Your panels will arrive ready to install, we provide the installation clips and detailed instructions to make the process simple and quick. When you call we will quickly evaluate your space by asking a few simple questions and reviewing a couple of photos you provide. Using this information and our special software tools we provide the solution and pricing. We make the process very simple, the products will work, and you will see measurable improvements immediately.

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Waiting Areas, Office Environments, Conference Rooms, Acoustical Cloud Panels are very effective at reducing echo, and lowering noise levels in any environment. We offer a variety of styles, shapes and colors to blend in or provide additional color in any space. By suspending cloud panels from the ceiling, no wall space is required, allowing the use of art, glass, shelving and more on the walls. When you call we will quickly evaluate your space by asking a few simple questions and reviewing a couple of photos you provide along with dimensions. Using this information our software tools will allow us to tell you exactly how many panels are needed along with the location for each one. We are here to make the process very simple, insure that the products will work, and that you will see measurable improvement in the acoustics immediately.